SESI mainly undertakes the following type of activities:

  • Information dissemination on a variety of topical issues of growing interest to the Renewable Energy community
  • Expanding the existing membership base
  • Interaction with the International Solar Energy Society for possible initiation of any joint activities
  • Coordination with the regional and local chapters of SESI for possible support and cooperation
  • Recognition of the leading lights of the day in the entire area of RE
  • Hosting of an International Conference on Renewable Energy better known as ICORE annually
  • Conducts the meetings of SESI Governing Council & Annual General Meetings of SESI Members
  • Publication of SESI Journal, a bi-annual technical journal containing papers on renewable energy utilization, technical notes and other items of interest of those involved in renewable energy research and development.
  • Publication of a monthly news letter, namely the SESI News Letter
  • Organization of one–day workshops on selected topics
  • Organization of the International Congress on Renewable Energy once in a year, where numerous scientific and technical papers are presented and discussed
  • Publication of the proceedings of the Annual Convention

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Contact Us

Solar Energy Society of India

2nd Floor, Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP),
Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi – 110021

Tele fax : +91.11.40537412


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